Giuseppe Verdi's  A MASKED BALL, Greek National Opera, 2011 - 2012.

'Un Ballo in Maschera', is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi and lyrics by Antonio Somma. The libreto is loosely based on the historic assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden. In 1792 he was killed due to a political conspiracy, inside Stockholm's Royal Opera while he was attending a masked ball. Verdi's work has been heavily influenced by the revolutionary spirit of the time (1859), during Italy's struggle against the Austrians to become an independent single state. The libreto had seen several transformations, caused by sensorship both in Naples and Rome. 

Conducted by Loukas Karytinos / Chorus Direction: Nikos Vasiliou.

The Performers: Dimitris Platanias, Dimitris Paksoglou, Antonia kalogirou, Carlos Almeger, Federica Proietti, Vasiliki Karagianni, Akis Lalousis, Kostas Mavrogenis, Dionysis Tsantilis, Dimitris Kasioumis. 

The creative team: Direction: Dimitris Mavrikios / Set Design: Dimitris Polychroniadis / Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou / Lighting Design: Lefteris Pavlopoulos / Choreography: Apostolia Papadamaki / Assistant Director: Manolis Dounias / Lyrics translated by Dimitris Mavrikios / Video Direction: Dimitris Mavrikios. 

Photographs by Marili Zarkou and Dimitris Polychroniadis. 

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