Shared Canvas is a work-in-progress performance by choreographer/dancer Jonas Frey and street artist/actor Cedric Pintarelli (aka Sweet Uno). The spectator is confronted with a creative process that fuses the boundaries between painting and dance. The dancer becomes a tool in the hands of the painter. The randomness produced by gestures of the human body (reminiscent of abstract expressionism) lead to the emergence of a fragmented art installation that expands towards -and mixes with- the audience.
Performers - choreography: Jonas Frey, Cédric Pintarelli / Concept: Jonas Frey, Cédric Pintarelli, Philipp Frey / Stage design: Dimitris Polychroniadis / Dramaturg: Eva-Maria Steinel / Lighting design - live sound and DJ: Danijel Sonderskooler Lokas. Photos 4 - 7 & 9  by Lys Y. Seng.

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