The proposed solution is defined by two concepts that relate to the practice of the artist: A) the introversion that often defines the creative process and B) the extroversion of the completed artwork, which comes as the resault of the creative process.
These two concepts are pivotal to the proposed design. The building consists of two distinct zones that determine the layout. The first zone is comprized by the students’ working spaces (workhops & studios), where the creative process takes place. The second zone is dedicated to theory classes, administration and staff offices. The two zones intersect vertically in a direct, dependent relationship with each-other.
Zone A - Introversion: The student’s working areas are layed out horizontally around a sunk outdoor couryard. Aiming to reinforce the school's creative core, this courtyard serves as a natural extension to the studios and workshops. It can function as a forum that stengthens the sense of community within the school and can host a multitude of events such as exhibitions, talks, projections, student parties etc.
Zone B - Extroversion: Theory classes, administration and staff offices grow vertically, on three levels. Zone B acts as a projector of the art being produced around the encolsed courtyard of Zone A. The main facade of Zone B is covered completely with a 'skin' which carries out two functions. It offers adjustable sun protection and constitutes a large single-surface blank canvas, which (assisted by the appropriate technical support) can become a space for dynamic experimentation for artists. It can become a projection screen, an exhibition surface, a light installation or the scenography for a performance. This is an apparatus that can open the Florina School of Fine Arts to the possibility of emitting a powerful, long-standing signal, from within, to the world.

Design Team: Malefakis Panayotis, Polychroniadis Dimitris, Rousopoulou Anastasia
Students of Architecture: Karelioti Kalliopi
Location: Florina, Greece
Surface: 4600 m²

Works by Douglas Gordon, Martin Creed, Tim Etchell, Felix Gonzalez-Torres and JR have been appropriated for the presentation of the project.  
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