The title of the exhibition emerged from a dream I had some years ago. A bottle at the sea shore with a piece of paper inside. I break the bottle to read the message, but the piece of paper is blank, perhaps faded from years of sun exposure. The unknown sender will never know if his message reaches it’s destination. A random recipient awaits to discover a message within the bottle but his expectation is not fulfilled. A failed attempt to communicate. The failing of expectations is a theme that permeates most works of the exhibition. NO MESSAGE is also a comment on the weakness to engage in effective communication during the era of a ‘pluralist’ digital age. The main body of the work presented is in the form of dioramas, along the line of a representational, figurative tradition that draws back from ancient Egypt and continues to this day. Techniques of theatrical and architectural modeling are also incorporated. Digital collages, printed on wood, form a complimentary section to the exhibition. Photography by Stefanos Tsakiris.
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