Mike Bartlett's LOVE - LOVE - LOVE, Kavala State Theatre, 2023.

"You didn’t change the world, you bought it…"
The play -between comedy and drama- unfolds a familiar story of two generations clashing. The story follows one couple's journey, during three dacades, from their idealistic youth, smoking, drinking, affectionate and paranoid, to their failures as a married family unit, divorced and finally reunited. Their children, on the other hand, bitterly rail against their parents' irresponsibility and their relaxed, laissez-faire attitude. 

The cast: Tasos Dimitropoulos, Giannis Sofologis, Venia Stamatiadi, Thanasis Kefalas, Konstantina Verou. 

The creative team: Translation - Editing: Eva Oikonomou Vamvaka / Direction: Lyto Triandafylidou / Set Design: Dimitris polychroniadis / Costumes: Matina Megla / Music: Alexandra Katerinopoulou / Lighting Design: Semina Papalexandropoulou / Choreography: Fotini Meletiadou.
Photographs by Ilias Kotsireas.

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