"You didn’t change the world, you bought it…"
Love, Love, Love, written by Olivier award-winning writer Mike Bartlett questions whether the baby boomer generation is to blame for the debt-ridden and adrift generation of their children, now adults but far from being stable or settled. It masterfully balances comedy and drama, as it unfolds a familiar story of two generations clashing. It's all about the nature of love, narcissism and  shelfishness. The play follows one couple's journey from their idealistic youth, smoking, drinking, affectionate and paranoid, to their failures as a married family unit, divorced and finally reunited. Their children, on the other hand, bitterly rail against their parents' irresponsibility and their relaxed, laissez-faire attitude.  None of the charachters are likable but we end up loving them just a little, alongside the hate.
The creative team: Translation - dramatic editing: Eva Oikonomou Vamvaka / directed by Lyto Triandafylidou / costumes by Matina Megla / music by Alexandra Katerinopoulou / lighting design by Semina Papalexandropoulou / choreography by Fotini Meletiadou / Photographs by Ilias Kotsireas.
Performers: Tasos Dimitropoulos, Giannis Sofologis, Venia Stamatiadi, Thanasis Kefalas, Konstantina Verou.  
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