In several countries around the world, especially in countries with an ongoing economic crisis, women are bonding together by creating a new political economy, based on cooperative forms of work. They develop collective survival strategies without being dependent on the free market. Christina Liakopoyloy with Liminal Drift, narrates the story of three women, while drawing on the concept that regards the body and the land as parts of a continuum, both of which have a historical memory. In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis that rocked Europe in 2015, Liminal Drift  talks about new forms of cooperation, solidarity and the sharing of wealth.

Text, Staging, choreography: Christina Liakopoyloy
Stage design: Dimitris Polychroniadis
Music: Julia Fonseca, Giorgos Kokoras, Zelia Fonseca
Light design: Ulrich Nickel 
Dancers/Actors: Miriam Markl, Elisabeth Kaul, Tess Lucassen, Johannes Szilvassy.
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