2021 marks a 200 year anniversary of the first national revolution in Europe, that led to the foundation of the modern Greek state. Theodoros Kolokotronis is probably the most prominent heroic figure of that era. The play is based on his own written memoirs, as dictated by Kolokotronis to Georgios Tertsetis, titled "Narration of events of the Greek race from 1770 to 1836". The radiant hero is here presented in the context of an   imaginary, historical museum, as a living "exhibit" that comes to life through research.

Concept-direction: Marianna Lampiri, Scientific supervisor: Anastasia Georgaki, Scientific collaborator, historian: Christos Chrysanthopoulos, Scientific advisors: Kaiti Diamantakou, Klio Fanouraki Dramatic, Editing - texts: Eugenia Apostolou, Marianna Lampiri, Sofia Liakou, Christos Chrysanthopoulos, Costumes: Ioanna Timotheadou, Music-programming: LABmat, Video art: Ioanna Spiliopoulou, Lighting: Eleftheria Deko, Photos by Maria Stefosi.
Performers: Manos Vakousis, Eugenia Apostolou, Sofia Liakou, Mina Tsamou.
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