I Am Set Free - The Velvet Underground.

TO FIND A NEW ILLUSION, Athens School of Fine Arts, MFA, 2017.

Installation that consists of a Video projection (duration 6.5 mins), small scale models and found objects. The work comments on the making of visual and sociopolitical illusions. The video is made entirely from small scale models filmed by a mobile phone camera, without the use of any digital effects. The work emerged from a research on media archeology, focused on the early 20th century fiction (and science fiction) cinematography, as well as on spectacles that preceded the invention of cinema such as the dioramas and panoramas of the 19th century.  
Photographs by Dimiris Polychronidis and Theodore Pistiolas.

I've been set free and I've been bound
To the memories of yesterday's clouds
I've been set free and I've been bound
And now I'm set free
I'm set free to find a new illusion

Lou Reed
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