A LAND OF COAL - OR WHAT? at the Arheological Museum of Aiani, Kozani.

A land that has heavily depended for decades on coal mining for it's prosperity, at any cost. What are the prospects of Western Macedonia after delignitization?  Historical documents, archival material and interviews with residents are mixed with fictional elements to highlight a miltufaceted tragedy and the lack of a vision for the future. An urging dilemma over saving the environment versus the fiscal withering and population shrinkage of the region. The play was funded by the Greek Misnistry of Culture as part of the programme  "All of Greece - One Culture".

The Cast: Christos Kapenis, Stella Mangana, Maria Floratou, Stelios Chliaras
Live music by The Burger Project: Alexis Ioannou, Thanos Kosmidis, Giorgos Barberis 

The creative team: Reasearch, Dramatourgy and Direction: Maria Vardaka / Texts: Irini Dermitzaki / Set Design and Costumes: Dimitris Polychroniadis / Music and Lyrics: The Burger Project / Choreograpy: Crysiis Liavitziri / Assistant Director: Vasia Skoura, Assistant Set Designer: Evi Mimikou / Production Director: Stelios Chliaras. 
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