A researcher immerses in a dark case of cannibalism that took place during the interwar years. The victim is a gay poet, Sebastian Venable, and his bullies are a group of impoverished adolescents. The poet, after spending 25 summers traveling the world with his glamorous mother Violet, took the fateful decision to replace her with his cousin Catherine, innocent and unprepared. Violet blames Katherine for being selfish and unable to protect the sensitive artist. She plots so that Kathrine gets lobotomized in a psychiatric clinic in order to stop her from narrating the horrible end of Sebastian thus destroying the memory of the 'defenseless' poet. The confrontation and soul deposition of the two women places them at the forefront of Tennessee Williams' major heroines. This is an autobiographical reference to lobotomy and his beloved sister Rose: After the insistence of their mother, she was subjected to a pernicious surgery, leaving her forever mentally disabled.
Directed by Dimitris Mavrikios. Photographs 1 & 2 by Christos Kotsireas, 3 & 4 by Aggelos Papadopoulos and 5 to 10 by Michael Dalanikas.